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Where their debut EP ‘All But the Sun’ tipped its hat to the modern folk of bands like Boy & Bear and Mumford & Sons, evoking the spirit of Simon & Garfunkel, ‘Pendulum’ takes Draper and Brady in a different direction altogether, with their love of The Beatles filtering through a kaleidoscope of modern influences to create something at once familiar and fresh.

That new direction is stamped out by track, ‘To Get To Know You’, which takes the heart and soul of the duo’s earlier work and transforms it into something else altogether.

The same spirit permeates the whole of Pendulum – ‘But I Do’ is stomping, psychedelic rock & roll; ‘Shape’ casts Winterbourne’s familiar harmonies against a driving, urgent backbeat; and closer ‘When I’m Under’ evolves from a gentle acoustic lilt into majestic, multi-layered magic. It is music that could only be built on the sort of friendship Draper and Brady enjoy – bold, but honest to its roots.



  1. Shape
  2. My Perfect Sunday
  3. But I Do
  4. Floating Around
  5. To Get To Know You
  6. When I'm Under
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