Everyone We Know (Vinyl)

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Limited edition colour Vinyl and colour gatefold.


Album Description - Everyone We Know:

What make us who we are? Some might say that we are the sum of our experiences and interactions with place, situations, landscapes, and above all else, each other. As soon as you meet me, we become ‘us’. It is inherent to the human experience to seek contact and communication with other people. The need to relate and exchange stories and knowledge with our loved ones is ancestral and undeniable. As artists, that is what we are trying to do everyday. Connect and share with our audience. 

In the process of writing ‘Everyone We Know’, we realised that the album was shaping up as a conversation. Conversations upon reflection, almost like memoirs. Moments of our lives captured in audio. The majority of the songs on the album are based both on conversations with people from our lives (past and present) that we have had and those we wish we’d had. The more these conversations began to surface, the more we realised that these dialogues were universal to many people’s experiences. Everyone has someone in their life that picks them up when they are down. Everyone has friendships that have fallen into disrepair. Everyone has supporters, naysayers, lovers and haters. We are not only speaking to our audience, but to specific people in our lives and sometimes even to ourselves. Reliving what it is to be ‘us’. 

Furthermore, it became apparent that ‘Everyone We Know’ was a direct continuation of our last album, ‘So We Can Remember’. We like to think of the two albums as one big body of work with each album complementing each other and adding to the greater narrative. We recommend listening to both albums back to back to experience the full scope of ‘So We Can Remember Everyone We Know’.

We hope that through our words and music, the listener can recognise their own voice and the voices and points of view of people within their own lives. This album is a celebration of all of our stories and voices: my voice, your voice and the stories of everyone we know.

Track Listing:

1. Everyone We Know (feat. Laneous)

2. Sally (fat. Mataya)

3. Reebok Pumps

4. Never Say Never

5. Déjà Vu

6. Think About It (feat. Peta & The Wolves)

7. Wolves

8. Ignorance Is Bliss

9. My Friends Say (feat. Wallace)

10. Wyle Out Year

11. Milk & Honey

12. Blue Balloons (B.B¹s Song)

13. Open Letter

14. Heard It On The Low (feat. Laneous)

15. 21 Grams (feat. Hilltop Hoods)

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