Since I Left You Vinyl

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The Avalanches' landmark debut LP, 'Since I Left You,' now on black 2LP Vinyl.

The Melbourne bands iconic debut blew minds upon its release, winning a clutch of ARIA Awards and topping polls all over the world. 'Since I Left You' flows seamlessly from start to finish like a travelogue dedicated to a lover somewhere across oceans, The Avalanches' sample-based approach setting a precedent for dance music that has been influential ever since and is arguably yet to be rivaled.

The records singles "Frontier Psychiatrist" and "Since I Left You" were accompanied by dazzling, unforgettable videos that captured punters imaginations as much as the music itself.

The overwhelming reception of the record led The Avalanches on an infamous world tour that resulted in raucous, joyous festival shows, kitchen sink club DJ sets, media offices set alight, two broken legs and an indecent amount of nudity.

The release and touring of Since I Left You was followed by a 16 year radio silence which was broken with the long-awaited release of 'Wildflower.'


  1. Since I Left You
  2. Stay Another Season
  3. Radio
  4. Two Hearts in 3/4 Time
  5. Avalanche Rock
  6. Flight Tonight
  7. Cose To You
  8. Diner's Only
  9. A Different Feeling
  10. Electricity
  11. Tonight
  12. Pablo's Cruise
  13. Frontier Psychatrist 
  14. ETOH
  15. Summer Crane
  16. Little Journey
  17. Live At Dominoes
  18. Extra Kings
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