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Including the & Pains EP (Digital) and the Lakyn exclusive yellow tee.

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& Pains Tee Collection
& Pains Tee Collection

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    & Pains, the new EP from Lakyn, debuts a bold new sound that is distinctly his own; showcasing his incredible knack to meld electronica and indie-rock into elegant, emotive pop. The EP explores the duality of Lakyn's personality, the curious, creative persona with colourful visuals and his comical Instagram presence is juxtaposed against the story of inner turmoil and emotional growth. At the heart of & Pains is a great sense of triumph, a feeling of emerging through flames unscathed. With its immersive sleek production, visceral songwriting and Lakyn’s dexterous vocals & Pains marks the emergence of a singular, unique Australian artist.


    1. View Looks So Good

    2. Sweet Days

    3. West

    4. Slumdog

    5. First Impressions

    6. Soldier

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