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“Excuse Me” is the debut album from Nicole Millar. Includes the singles “Signals”, “Blindfolded”, “Tremble” and “Gimme A Break”.

Nicole Millar is ready to introduce Excuse Me, her anticipated debut album. This album is due to release 1st June 2018.

It’s the product of two years of life, a whole lot of growth and a rollercoaster of emotions. Excuse Me charts everything from admitting your faults and owning your shit to wild nights with best friends and the bittersweet parts of love, lust and relationships.

Pop music with bite and electronic production collide on Excuse Me for songs that bleed glitter, guts and neon pink. Some of the tracks are tributes to getting rowdy with girlfriends or daydreams about wanting to be rich in New York, others are eyerolls at fake people, button-pushing boyfriends and ex-lovers. They’re all feisty, fun and made up of real, relatable feelings.

Nicole wrote on every song on the album, working with producers Sable, Dan Farber, Hoodboi, xSDTRK and Kyle Shearer to bring her words to life in studios between Sydney, Stockholm and L.A. Every song is a piece of her history, the work of a woman who’s found her sound and is sure of herself. For Nicole, the vision was to create music that’s “pop, but not”.

The album features Nicole’s hit singles ‘Signals’ and ‘Blindfolded’ as well as her new 80s-inspired release ‘Gimme A Break’, an anthem-in-wait for women who want to go their own way and won’t be tied down.


  1. Signals
  2. All My Issues
  3. Buttons
  4. No Strings
  5. Gimme A Break
  6. Pink Sundae (feat. MUKI)
  7. Blindfolded
  8. Money
  9. Real Connection
  10. Sign Me Up (feat. Heno)
  11. No Tears For Free
  12. Dot
  13. Secret
  14. Tremble
  15. On Rewind
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