Chemical Hearts Exclusive Vinyl

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Legendary Aussie rockers Grinspoon have announced their epic Chemical Hearts vinyl record, which will feature plenty of nostalgic fan faves while also paying homage to their discography from the era that thrust them into the spotlight. The vinyl will be packed with hits like 'Better Off Alone', 'Just Ace', 'Lost Control', and of course 'Chemical Heart’.

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Side A

1. Chemical Heart

2. DC X 3

3. Champion

4. Just Ace

5. Pedestrian

6. Black Friday

7. Ready 1

8. Lost Control


Side B

1. Hard Act To Follow

2. No Reason

3. Sickfest

4. More Than You Are

5. 1000 Miles

6. Better Off Alone

7. Post Enebriated Anxiety

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