Angus & Julia Stone (2LP)

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Velvet textures, dust-filled dreams, golden melodies - this album on 2LP is pure Angus & Julia

Velvet textures, dust-filled dreams, golden melodies. This (their third) album is pure Angus & Julia, there’s a brand new potency here, a richness you can’t ignore, tracks are of spirit and statement. Angus & Julia’s creative union has resulted in their best work yet. Produced by legendary producer Rick Rubin, it’s a record steeped in feeling and filled with a newfound freedom and confidence that’s palatable throughout.

Track listing:

  1. A Heartbreak
  2. My Word For It
  3. Grizzly Bear
  4. Heart Beats Slow
  5. Wherever You Are
  6. Get Home
  7. Death Defying Acts
  8. Little Whiskey
  9. From The Stalls
  10. Other Things
  11. Please You
  12. Main Street
  13. Crash And Burn
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