Roses From The South

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Themed around Johan Strauss' famous waltz of the same name, Roses From The South sees Andre venturing to the amazing sub tropical paradise island of Mainau, just off the south shore of Germany. Known as the 'Flower Island' due it its unique exotic gardens, Mainau and its majestic palace grounds provide the perfect picturesque setting for Andre and his Johan Strauss Orchestra to perform a spellbinding set in front of a sea of adoring fans.


Track Listing:

  1. You Raise Me Up 
  2. Roses From The South 
  3. Dark Roses 
  4. Chianti Song 
  5. There Is A Song In Me 
  6. The Gypsy Princess 
  7. Il Silenzio / Colonel Bogey 
  8. Love Live Forever 
  9. The Rose 
  10. Mama 
  11. Carnaval de Venice 
  12. Send In The Clowns 
  13. The White Horse Inn 
  14. Radetzky March 
  15. Strauss & Co. 
  16. Tulips From Amsterdam 
  17. Adieu, Little Captain Of My Heart 
  18. Lullaby

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